History of the Department

A department was founded in 1895, but teaching of organic chemistry in the Lviv University begins since opening of department of chemistry in 1851. F. Pless was the first head (1851-1857) of chemistry department, which and put beginning to scientific researches from organic chemistry in the university. F. Pless invent pelargonic acid. Next head of department are professor L. Pebal (1857-1864) and professor E. Linnemann (1865-1872) who also study organic chemistry. August Freund, which was worked under F. Pless supervising, was carried considerable investigations at that moment. He developed the general method of synthesis the ketons by the reaction of organozinc compounds with acyl chloride. Professor Linnemann worked very productive: during his work in the Lviv University he published 35 articles, devoted to the synthesis and transformations of alcohols.
In 1872 a department was led by the known chemist professor B. Radziszewski, which after creation in 1895 department of organic chemistry became its first leader. His scientific interests engulfed the wide circle of questions of organic chemistry: aromatic compounds and imidazole, benzoine and its derivatives, chemiluminescence of the organic compounds, analysis of mineral waters and oil gases of Carpathian region. There are two name reactions of this scientist in organic chemistry (Radziszewski reactions):

B. Radziszewski made significance results in the study of chemiluminescence (Liebigs Ann. Chem. 1880. B. 203. S. 305-336). He carried out the analysis of waters of medical mineral springs of Halychyna (Morshyn, Truskavets, Large Lubin, Nemyriv, Kosiv that other). In times of his work in the Lviv University created powerful scientific school. He published 158 scientific papers.
Since 1911 till 1941 head of the department are S. Opolski, K. Kling, Z. Malachowski. When chemical faculty open after the World War II the collective of department was formed anew. Among other with 1945 M. Zemlyanskii and V. Potapov – famous of organic chemist, specialist of stereochemistry of organic compounds. M. Zemlyanskii was head of the department till 1975 (with an interruption 1948–1955). In 1948–1956 the head of department was M. Malinovskii. In 1955 under the supervision of M. Zemlyanskii the reaches work in phosphororganic chemistry and selenophosphoric acid derivates were started.
Since 1977 till 2003 head of the department are professor M.I. Ganushchak. Under his supervising researches of reactions of unsaturated compounds with diazonium salts begin.
With 2003 a department is headed by the professor M. Obushak. Since 1995 under his leadership researches in heterocyclic chemistry are carry out.