The seed efficiency of Coronilla coronata L. (Fabaceae) in the populations on the north-west Podolia (Ukraine)

O. Kagalo, N. Pankiv

Institute of Ecology of the Carpathians N.A.S. of Ukraine
4 Kozelnitska str., Lviv,79026 Ukraine

The results of investigation of Coronilla coronata L. (Fabaceae) seed efficiency and dependence of its parameters from ecological and coenotical conditions in the populations on northeast border of its areal (Gologoro-Kremenetski array (northwest Podolia) and Western Opillya) are submitted. The high stability of parameters of potential and real seed efficiency on a background of natural dependences of these parameters from ecological and coenotical environment is shown. The conclusion about a high level of adaptation of the species to a modern level of differentiation of a plant cover of the region is made. Such adaptation testifies to long time of formation of investigated populations, which is commensurable in due course of Anthropogenous florocoenotical perturbations in the region.

Keywords: Coronilla coronata L., Fabaceae, seed efficiency, ecological and coenotical differentiation.

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