Investigation of chemical and radionuclide composition of phosphorites and glauconites and their influence on the crop and biochemical content of salad and onions

V. Baranov, L. Zubchyk

Ivan Franko National University of L\'viv,
Hrushevskogo St. 4, LViv 79005, Ukraine

Chemical and radionuclide composition as well as influence of phosphorites and glauconites of the new Kopytkiv deposit on the crop, morphometric indices and biochemical composition of salad and onions have been investigated on various types of soil il has been shown, that both, phosphorites and glauconites improve growth and biochemical: characteristics of the plans, though glauconites produce this effect to a greater extent. When applying phosphorites and glauconites to the soil content of radionuclidcs does not exceed the Clark background. Thus, fertilizers based on agoras of the new Kopytkiv deposit can be regarded as suitable, ecologically pure fertilizers for the plants.

Keywords: phosphorites, glauconites, salad, onion, crop, biochemical content, radionuciide content.

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