Regional rare species of birds

I. Horban*, L. Horban**, A. Kyjko**

* Ivan Franko National University of Lviv
Hrushevskoho St. 4, Lviv 79005, Ukraine
** Roztochya Natural Reserve
Ivano Frankovo, Ukraine

On an example non passerines species of birds of fauna of Ukraine the question of definition of the status regional rare animals is discussed. The main further use of this term is expected to use for prospect of conducting nature protection activity not only at a level of various natural zones, but also at a level of various administrative areas. On the basis of the analysis of a modern condition of breeding populations of 39 species of birds it is offered to include in the new edition of the Red Book of Ukraine. Among nesting non passerines species of birds in fauna of Ukraine 10 species which are brought in the international Red book are totaled, 52 species are brought in the national Red book. Also 85 species belong to the international SPEC-category, and 82 species are related to a category regional rare birds in conditions of various natural zones of Ukraine. Among them: Ardea purpurea, Anas strepera, Anas acuta, Anas clypeata, Milvus migrans, Circus pygargus, Lyrurus tetrix, Tetrastes bonasia, Vanellus vanellus, Gallinago media, Chlidonias niger, Columba oenas, Asio flammeus, Coracias garrulus, Dendrocopos leucotos have no national nature protection status, however they deserve their inclusion in the next edition of the Red Book of Ukraine.

Keywords: Rare species of birds, the Red book, breeding birds, protection of birds, Ukraine.

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