Reproductive strategy of the land snail Brephulopsis cylindrical (Pulmonata; Buliminidae) in the North-West Black Sea coast region

N. Vitchalkovskaya, S. Kramarenko**

Nikolaev State University
Nikolska st. 24, Nikolaev 54030, Ukraine
 Nikolaev State Agrarian University
Paryzskoi Communy st. 9, Nikolaev 54010, Ukraine

Clutch size, egg size and hatchlings size were analyzed. The reproductive strategy is influenced by the optimum investment of resources into the full value egg. Egg survival is guaranteed by the mass egg production during the limited terms, and by the intensive egg resources using by the hatchlings.

Keywords: Brephulopsis, reproduction, reproductive strategy, egg clutch, North-West Black Sea coast region, Ukraine.

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