Influens of injection of thiamine on cathepsin-L- and cathepsin-B-like enzymes aktivity in white ratís tissues

O. Ustjansky, D. Nikitinsky, S. Petrov

Mechnikov National University of Odessa
2, Shampanskyi Lane, Odessa 65058, Ukraine

Activity of cathepsin-L- and cathepsin-B-like proteinases under activity of intra muscular injection of thiamin has been studied. Injection of thiamine reduces the activity of cathepsin-L-like proteinases in tissues of liver and small intestine in an hour. It is established, that thiamine injected in vivo act the complex on cathepsin-B-like enzymes in organs of some rats. Probable noncoferment activity of thiamine on cathepsin-L- and cathepsin-B-like proteinases is discussed in white ratís tissues.

Keywords: thiamine, cathepsin-L-like proteinases, cathepsin-B-like enzymes, noncoferment activity

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