Pathological condition of introduced conifers (genera Abies, Picea, Pinus and Pseudotsuga) in forests of Lithuania

V. Juronis*, V. Snieškienė*, A. Žiogas**, R. Gabrilavičius***

*Kaunas Botanical Garden of Vytautas Magnus University
Ž. E. Žilibero 6, LT-46324 Kaunas, Lithuania
**Agricultural University of Lithuania
Studentų g. 11, Akademija, LT-53361, Kaunas distr., Lithuania
***Lithuanian Fore

Tree condition of Abies, Picea, Pinus and Pseudotsuga genera was studied in the forests of six forest enterprises and twelve forest districts in the south-western and western Lithuania in 20032007. According to our studies, the most perspective species for growing in these parts of Lithuania could be considered Pinus contorta and Pseudotsuga menziesii. Acclimatization success of other tree species: Abies alba, A. sibirica, A. concolor; Pinus banksiana, P. peuce, P. strobus; Picea glauca, P. pungens; Pseudotsuga caesia is restricted by biotic (disease pathogens and pests) and abiotic (edaphic and climatic conditions) factors.

Keywords: introduction, conifers, diseases, pests, condition

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