Heteroblasty of the Lolium perenne L.

I. Tikhankov

Dnipropetrovsk State University
13, Naukova St., Dnipropetrovsk 49050, Ukraine

The turfgrass heteroblasty has been investigated by the analysis of the gross intensity and the anatomy peculiarities of the first three leaves of Lolium perenne L. It was founded, that leaves differ from each other in physiology, morphology and anatomy parameters greatly. Primarily these are the leaf length and their growth rate, the square of cross sections, the square and the number of vascular bundles, the square of mesophyll and intercellular spaces, the number of chloroplasts. Different parts of leaves were concluded to contribute into the extent of heteroblasty display. Some parameters which are the most suitable for the heteroblasty estimation have been founded. The variety peculiarities in these parameters have been investigated too. The notion of heteroblasty coefficient was introduced. Some aspects of the interrelation between leaf anatomy structure and their physiology state was discussed.

Keywords: chloroplasts, intercellular spaces, growth rate, leaf primordia, mesophyll, ryegrass, vascular bundles

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