Distribution, state of populations and habitat characteristics of rare and endangered species of plants in the northern part of the Svydovets mountains (Ukrainian Carpathians)

Y. Kobiv*, A. Prokopiv**, M. Helesh**, L. Borsukevich**

*Institute of Ecology of the Carpathians of NAS of Ukraine
4, Kozelnytska St., Lviv 79026, Ukraine
**Ivan Franko National University of Lviv
44, Cheremshyny St., Lviv 79014, Ukraine

Geographic location of the habitats of rare and endangered species in the northern part of the Svydovets Mountains was presented. Their ecological relation to certain types of biotopes was determined. State and dynamics of populations was evaluated. Patterns of their distribution, as well as the level and factors of threat were analyzed. Current trends in the dynamics of anthropogenic activity in the region were characterized. Some unknown habitats of rare taxa were revealed, i.e. Saussurea porcii, Rumex scutatus, Saxifraga carpatica, Achillea oxyloba subsp. schurii, Cardaminopsis neglecta, Minuartia verna subsp. gerardii.

Keywords: distribution, population, habitat, rare species, conservation, Carpathians

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