Reseach of fish-breeding ponds silt as organic substrate for soil terricons recultivation of coal mining

V. Baranov*, A. Voitsehivska**, O. Dumych*, Yu. Zabytivskyy*, D. Rakhmetov***, V. Khmelivskyy1

*Ivan Franko National University of Lviv
4, Hrushevskyi St., Lviv 79005, Ukraine
**State Department of Ecology and Natural Resources in Lviv District
98, Stryiska St., Lviv 79000, Ukraine
***National Botanic Garden Named after M.M. Gr

It were studied granule and metrical composition, content of organic substance, biogenic elements and heavy metals of silt patterns of two fish-breeding ponds of Velykyy Lyubin town as organic substrate for the recultivation of the terricons soil of coal minings of Chervonograd region of Lviv district. It was assessed ponds sanitary state by zooplankton specia composition and quantity. It was estimated the biological activity of silt patterns and of artificial soil composition based on silt and limestone in the tests with seeds growing of Brassica campestris f. biennis DC. x B. rapa L. and Silibium marianum. It is showed that both for its composition and influence on seeds growing silt can be used as organic and mineral substrate for recultivation of the coal mining terricons soil.

Keywords: terricons, recultivation, silt, heavy metals, seed growing

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