Features desinvasion of action nanopasts of tin on eggs of Ascaris suum (Goeze, 1782) in vivo

N. Voloshyna*, P. Kilochytskij*, A. Mazurkevich**

*Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
64, Volodymyrska St., Kyiv 01033, Ukraine
**National University of Bioresources and Application of the Nature of Ukraine
16, Potechyna St., Kyiv 03041, Ukraine

It is studied desinvasion action nanopasts of tin on activator Ascaris suum in experiment in vivo on laboratory mice. It is established that nanopasts tin possess expressed desinvasion effect on eggs ascaris pigs which is shown only outside of an organism of animals.

Keywords: nanopasts of tin, egg, Ascaris suum, desinvasion action, sticking, laboratory mice

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