Spatial distributing of coherent connections in theta band of eeg of teenagers with different level of strenght of nervous processes during kognitivniy activity

A. Poruchinskiy, N. Zhelamska, T. Poruchinska

Lesya Ukrainka Volyn National University
13, Volya Ave., Lutsk 43025, Ukraine

The analysis of the topographical distributing of high and meaningful coherent connections rotined that at growth of level of strenght of nervous processes (SNP) in a spacehold was observed tendency to localization of these connections, while at the decision of different types of cognitive tasks, there is growth of level of coherentness and increase of amount of connections. Research of dynamics of activating processes at implementation of different cognitive tasks comparatively with a spacehold in each of groups probed, rotined that with growth of level of SNP the indexes of coherentness mainly grow in transition from a spacehold to implementation of different cognitive tasks. Comparison of parameters of coherent connections during the decision of cognitive tasks revealed out growth of indexes of coherentness mainly in the front departments of cortex in transition from a group with low, to the group with middle, and farther by the high level of SNP.

Keywords: strength of nervous processes, electric activity of brain, coherent interation

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