Effects of crude oil contaminated soil on the mineral nutrient elements of sedge (Carex hirta L.) plants

Í. Korovetska*, N. Djura*, O. Tsvilónjuk*, O. Terek*, Z. Dinya**, L. Simon**

*Ivan Franko National University of Lviv
4, Hrushevskyi St., Lviv 79005, Ukraine
**College of Nyiregyhaza
No 31/b, Sostoi St., Nyiregyhŕza 4400, Hungary

The effects of crude oil contaminated soils on mineral nutrient elements of Carex hirta L. plants were investigated. The results showed significantly higher concentration of phosphorus, sulfur, sodium, calcium, magnesium, iron and silicon in the skilled sedge plants. The increase of K concentration in the Carex hirta plants was observed only in shoots. The concentration of S and Na increased in oil polluted soil with sedge plants.

Keywords: mineral elements, oil contamination, Carex hirta L

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