Wild roses of the Medobory nature reserve and its protection zone (Podolian hills, Western Ukraine)

A. Sołtys-Lelek

Ojców National Park
32-047 Ojców, 9, Poland

The present paper discusses the wild roses of the Medobory Nature Reserve and its protection zone (Podolian Hills, Western Ukraine). The study was carried out in the years 20082009. The purpose of the work was to compile a full, up-to-date list of the Rosa taxa growing in the Medobory Nature Reserve. Thirteen indigenous species, four hybrids, and one escaped from the breeding species were determined, and some of them are illustrated. Four species, Rosa glabrifolia, R. gorenkensis, R. x subcanina, R. x subcollina and one spontaneous hybrid Rosa canina L. x Rosa rubiginosa L. were recorded for the first time from this area.

Keywords: Rosa, Rosaceae, flora, distribution, Medobory Nature Reserve, Ukraine

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