Karyological features of family Fagotià and Microcolpia (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Pectinibranchia) in the fauna of Ukraine

I. Pershko

Ivan Franko State University of Zhytomyr
40, V. Berdychivska St., Zhytomyr 10008, Ukraine

After analyzing karyotypes of three species of family Fagotia found that between them there are no differences in morphology makrohromosom, mean centromere index and relative length of chromosomes. These same parameters were identical for the two species Microcolpia - M. canaliculata and M. potamoctebia. Chromosome has been observed only for M. ucrainica (6-à (st), 7- (sm), 11- (sm) and 12-à (à) pairs of chromosomes). Comparative analysis of karyotypes indicates the possibility as karyotypes of integrating factor for Fagotia and Microcolpia.

Keywords: mollusca, Fagotia, Microcolpià, karyology

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