Peculeretes of growth of molluscs of genus Viviparus in reservoirs of the central Polesye

O. Uvaeva

Ivan Franko State University of Zhytomyr
40, V. Berdychivska St., Zhytomyr 10008, Ukraine

On the basis of determination of individual age of molluscs of genus of Viviparus after the number of marks of wintering on their lid the set descriptions of their linear growth in the different districts of Central Polesye. After correlation of coefficients of equalization of growth of Bertalanfi L∞ and k, by the indexes of growth of φ and 20, and also after character of correlation of these parameters with the indexes of environment (content of organic matter, ) found out differences between populations of Viviparus.

Keywords: molluscs, Viviparus, growth, age, factors

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