Background of the radon-hazard classification of the territory of the Republic of Belarus by indirect measures

V. Bortnovsky1, L. Chunikhin2

1Gomel State Medical University
5, Lange St., Gomel 246050, Belarus
2Republican Research Center for Radiation Medicine and Human Ecology
290, Ilycha St., Gomel 246040, Belarus

The work suggests a method of the evaluation of radon-hazard zones by indirect measures of radon: uranium concentration in soils and before-Chernobyl gamma background. Whereas the dependence of lung cancer incidence on radon is epidemiologically proved, the regression dependences of lung cancer morbidity on uranium concentration in soils and level of natural before-Chernobyl gamma background on the territory of Belarus have been determined. Taking into account the obtained within the present work high values of correlation coefficients, one can use these indicators to identify radon-hazard zones and to estimate indirectly the value of the radon component in the lung cancer.

Keywords: radon, lung cancer, uranium concentration in soils, before-Chernobyl gamma background, linear regression, correlation coefficient

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