The history of investigation of the mouse-like rodents of the mountainous ecosystem of the Carpathians

N. Stetsula

Ivan Frannko Stat Pedagogical University of Drogobych
11, Ivasuk St., Truskavets 82200, Ukraine
Nadya739@mail. ru

The historical analysis of theriological researches end consistent accumulation of scientific knowledge about mouse-like rodents belonging to the family Muroidae and Arvicolidae of the mountainous ecosystem of the Carpathians. The whole period of the investigations of mouse-like rodents of the region can be conditionally divided into three different in the duration and the level of the investigation stage. The first (faunistic) stage concern the researches of 1840 s XIX 1940 s XX century, to the second stage (population) concern the researches of 45 80 ages of 20 century, for the third stage the modern researches, from the and of XX and the beginning of the XXI century.

Keywords: mouse-liked rodents, history of investigations, ecosystem, theriofauna, Carpathians

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