Functional content of antioxidant system and carbohydrate metabolism of rats blood under actions of inorganic and organic chromium conpounds

R. Iskra

Institute of Animal Biology NAAS
38, V. Stus St., Lviv 79034, Ukraine

The influence of chromium compound inorganic (CrCl3 × 62) and of chromium cytrate (C6H5CrO7) in nanoaquachelate form on decrease of lipid peroxidation processes indices, hydroperoxides and TBK-active products and increase of activity of the antioxidant system enzymes (AOS) glutathioneperoxidase, glutationereductase, catalase and superoroxidedismutase in blood of rats was established. It is marked, that at the action of nanoparticles of chromium cytrate in blood of rats functions more intensivly AOS, in comparison to its activity at the action of chromium chloride.At the action of chromium chloride and organic nanocompounds of chromium content of glucose goes down and rises activity of hexokinase and lactatedehydrogenase.

Keywords: rat, chromium, nanocompound, antioxidant system, carbohydrate metabolism

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