The activity and isoforms of superoxidedismutase in tisues of reproductive organs of rats

N. Kuzmina, D. Ostapiv

Institute of Animal Biology UAAS
38, V. Stus St., Lviv 79034, Ukraine

The ativity of superoxidedismutase, the content of its isoforms in testis, epididimis, and in epididimal spermatozoa of pubescent rat males. The activity of SOD was the hightest in tisues of testis, lower in tisues of epididimis, and the lowest in epididimal spermatozoa. By means of electrophoresis in 10% polyacrylamid gel and specific stanning in all studied samples were found 5 stripes of proteins with the activity of SOD (S1S5). It is found that spectrum of isoferments SOD characterises of tissue specificity and depends on physiological and functional features of tissues of reproductive mail organs and spermatozoa.

Keywords: superoxidedismutase, isoforms, reproductive organs, spermatozoa, electrophoresis

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