Feature of ontogenesis of individuals of Verbascum densiflorum Bertol. caused by on the level of vitality in the population

M. Hrytsyna

Lviv Stepan Hzhytskiy National University of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology
50, Pekarska St., Lviv 79010, Ukraine

Ontogenesis of plants in the population of Verbascum densiflorum Bertol. depends on the level of their vitality. Thus, the plants with the high level of vitality, comparatively with the individuals of other levels, are characterized by earlier occurance of morphogenesis phases as well as by powerful development of vegetative and generative organs which provide high seminal production. With the decline of level of vitality of individuals, the beginning of phases of morphogeny is slowed by ten to twenty days, the duration of phases of morphogeny increases, the size of plants and their seed productivity diminish.

Keywords: Verbāscum densiflorum Bertol., monocarpic shoot, level of vitality plants, ontogeny, phases of morphogeny

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