Prospects of oil polluted soils phytoremediation by Faba bona Medic. (Vicia faba L.) plants

N. Dzhura

Ivan Franko National University of Lviv
4, Hrushevskyi St., Lviv 79005, Ukraine

Investigated participation of leguminous plants (Faba bona Medic. (Vicia faba L.)) in remediation of the oil polluted soils. It was shown a direct relationship of soil toxicity on the content of oil in it (10, 25, 50 and 100g of oil on 1 kg of soil). It was set that plants of V. faba substantially reduced a phytotoxicity and content of oil products in polluted soils, which gives grounds to recommend this species for  oil polluted soil phytoremediation.

Keywords: oil polluted soils, phytoremediation, Faba bona Medic. (Vicia faba L.)

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