Soil texture as a factor in the accumulation of 137Cs by plants

Ě. Vinichuk

Zhytomyr State Technological University
103, Chernyakhovsky St., Zhytomyr 10005, Ukraine
Department of Soil and Environment, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
SLU, Box 7014, SE-75007, Uppsala, Sweden

The effect of soil texture on the level of 137Cs accumulation by aboveground plant’s phytomass in a pot experiment has been studied. Ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum L.), winter rye (Secale cereale L.) and cucumber’s fruits (Cucumis sativus L.) had highest 137Cs transfer factors 0.61–0.77; 0.54 and 8.5 when grown on loamy sand soil. The highest 137Cs output from soil as % of its total soil content for ryegrass and winter rye were found on loamy sand soil – 0.39 and 0.23% correspondingly. Cucumber plants (fruits) showed the highest 137Cs output on peat and loam soils – 3.41 and 3.02% respectively.

Keywords: cucumber, Cucumis sativus, Lolium multiflorum, transfer factors, ryegrass, Secale cereale, winter rye, 137Cs

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