The consorts of the Centaurea jacea L. (Asteraceae) in Ukrainian Carpathians

N. Kokar

Vasil Stefanik Precarpathians National University
201, Galitcka St., Ivano-Frankivsk 76000, Ukraine

Studied consortís species cenopopulations of the Centaurea jacea L. in the Ukrainian Carpathians. The composition of consortium C. jacea L. belonging is to 27 families of invertebrates and 2 families of fungi. More than 90% of all taxa of studied consortís are insects. Among trophic groups dominated anthophilous consortís. Identified consortís group associated with the determinants of topical relations and such groups are at different stages of development show or trophic (larval stage) or topical (imago) relationships.

Keywords: Ůonsortium, Centaurea jacea L., determinants, trophic relationship, topical relationship

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