Indication with epyphytic lichens Hypogimnia physodes (L.) Nyl. and Xanthoria parietina (L.) Th. Fr. a heavy metals air pollution levels in park areas of Lviv Ůity

L. Andruschenko1, N. Romanyuk1, V.  Ózlovskyy2

1Ivan Franko National University of Lviv
4, Hrushevskyi St., Lviv 79005, Ukraine
2Institute of Ecology of the Carpathians of NAS of Ukraine
4, Kozelnytska St., Lviv 79026, Ukraine

—ontents of Cu, Pb, Zn, Cd, Mn, Fe, Al in the lichens Hypogymnia physodes (L.) Nyl. and Xanthoria parietina (L.) Th. Fr were estimated. Absolute concentrations of metals in thalli of lichens and their normalized values relative to aluminum ​​indicate the absence of air pollution with heavy metals in the majority of Lviv park areas, whereas slight air pollution with Pb is possible in green areas of the city central zone.

Keywords: bioindication, heavy metals, Hypogymnia physodes (L.) Nyl., Xanthoria parietina (L.) Th. Fr.

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