The effects of the environment temperature on the emission of trematode cercariae

O. Zhytova

Zhytomyr National Agro-Ecological University
Staryi Blvd, 7, Zhytomyr 10008, Ukraine

The paper covers the effects of high temperatures of the environment on the volumes of emission of Opisthioglyphe ranae, Plagiorchis elegans, Echinoparyphium recurvatum trematoda cercariae by L.(L.) stagnalis freshwatermolluks. The author determines the life durationof freely existing P. elegans and O. ranae trematode larvae under various temperatures. The author also studies the effects of temperature on the average daily productivity of P. elegans cercariae under various invasion intensity in accordance with the quantity of sporocyst microhemipopulations.

Keywords: temperature, emission, cercariae, mollusks

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