Effects of the bacterial preparation MKS on proteolysis in dry fermented meat products

G. Burtseva, S. Danylenko, N. Kigel, Ya. Zhukova

Dairy and Meat Technological Institute NAAS of Ukraine
4-A, Raskovf St., Kyiv 02660, Ukraine

Proteolysis were investigated on dry fermented meat products from pork and beef under action of the starter bacterial preparat MKS. Differences of influence of spontaneous microflora and bacterial preparation on the dynamics of ripening of product: on the total nitrogen content, the quality protein content and free amino acids level were found. For the prepared dry fermented meat products with MKS the increase of amount of unalbuminous nitrogen, and proper accumulation of free amino acid, including irreplaceable, were fixed; for a variant from a beef maintenance of free amino acid is 690,8 /100 g of dry matters, for a variant from pork 823,4 /100 g of dry matters. On results sensory analysis are exposed noticeable distinctions between fermented meat products with and without by starter cultures MKS, especially noticeable in aroma and taste.

Keywords: bacterial preparat, proteolysis, dry fermented meat, starter culture

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