Comparative description the influence of taurine’s different doses on histamine gastric secretion

Î. Grinchenko, P. Yanchuk

Peter Bogach Institute of Physiology ESC «Institute of Biology»
National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv
64, Volodymyrska St., Kyiv 01601, Ukraine

Taurine in doses 1,4 and 7 mg/kg body weight stimulate gastric secretory function in dogs. Under the influence of amino acid against a background proportional dose-dependent increase the volum of gastric juice and content of free gastric acid the increase of pepsine debit at taurine action in dose 1,4 mg/kg was just as taurine administration in dose 7 mg/kg. By that debit of common protein after taurine use in dose 1,4 mg/kg was significant increased, when after taurine administration in dose 7 mg/kg did not distinct from control. These results may evidence about redistribution of protein components of gastric juice synthesis to advantage of specific ferments that provides digestive function. The contain of adenil system components in gastric juice under the influence of taurine in dose 1,4 mg/kg leave standing and in dose 7 mg/kg body weight was increase. Increase of adenil system components debit may be constrained with intensive secretion and washing theirs from secretory cells with gastric juice.

Keywords: taurine, taurine receptors, taurine transporter, gastric secretion

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