Research of albumin adsorption onto the glass surface modified by oligoperoxide-graft-poly(n-isopropylacrylamide) using method of ellipsometry

A. Kostruba1, Ò. Kurysko2, O. Zolobko2, V. Donchak2, H. Harhay2, L. Ripak2, Yu. Stetsyshyn2

1Lviv Institute for Physical Optics, 23, Dragomanov St., Lviv 79005
Lviv Academy of Commerce, 9, Samtshuk St., Lviv 79011, Ukraine
2National University «Lvivska Politechnika»
12, S. Bandera St., Lviv 79013, Ukraine

In last year’s novel, perspective trend of the surface modification by stimuli polymers intensive has been developed. An important part of these studies is determination of the stimuli surfaces interactions with proteins at different surrounding conditions. In our study we investigated a bovine serum albumin adsorption at different pH and temperatures onto surfaces which is modified by oligoperoxide or oligoperoxide-graft-PNIPAM. We demonstrated that dramatic effect on albumin adsorption plays a medium temperature.

Keywords: protein adsorption, albumin, BSA, ellipsometry

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