Superoxiddismutase and peroxidase participation in cells of apical meristem and zone of a stretching of a root of maize in the process of adaptation to action of heavy metals and hypertermia

V. Bilchuk, G. Ross³khina-Galucha, G. Konovalova

Oles Gonchar National University of Dnipropetrovsk, Biological Institute
72, Gagarin Ave., Dnipropetrovsk 49010, Ukraine

It is investigated features of complex influence of lead, nickel ions and hyperthermia on activity of superoxiddismutase and peroxidase in cells of apical meristem and zone of a stretching of sprout roots of maize lines different in drought resistance. Under various stressful conditions observed activity increase of oxidoreductases in meristems in greater degrees, than a stretching zone. Distinctions in responses of different lines of maize to action of temperature and xenobiotics are established. It is shown, that preprocessing of sprouts by compounds of heavy metals causes increase of heat stability of meristem tissues of roots.

Keywords: maize, superoxiddismutase, peroxidase, ions of lead, ions of nickel, hypertermia

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