Particularities of the ontogenetic changes of activity of the photosynthetic apparatus in leaves of grape plants (Vitis vinifera L.) grafted on different rootstocks

Ŕ. Stirbu1*, N. Shadura2

1State Agrarian University of Moldova
44, Mircesti St., Chisinau 2049, Moldova, Republic
2 National Institute of Vine and Wine “Magarach”
31, Kirov St., Yalta 98600, Crimea, Ukraine

The dynamics of accumulation in leaves of the plastid pigments in grape plants, originating from different ecological and geographical zones, grafted on different rootstocks were carried out. It is shown, that the maximum accumulation of chlorophyll in scion varieties observed in the phase of growth berries, especially when grafted on low (R × R 101-14) and moderate (B × R SO4) vigour stocks. In the period of maturation of grape berries, due to changes in the donor-acceptor relationship, the level of green pigment is reduced to 1.2–1.4 times. The observed increase in the concentration of carotenoids in the background of decreasing levels of chlorophyll, probably due to their function of photoprotectors.

Keywords: grapes, grafting, rootstocks, chlorophyll, carotenoids

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