The responce of Aster alpinus L. (Asteraceae) seeds on microelements treat

E. Arapetyan, B. Palianytsia

Ivan Franko National University of Lviv
44, Tscheremshyna St., Lviv 79014, Ukraine

The experimental data with Aster alpinus L. seeds included in Red Book of Ukraine were conducted. The experiments used to treat seeds with different microelements (zinc ZnSO4, molybdenum Na2MoO4, copper CuSO4, or boron H3BO3) in 0,02% concentration. The experiments resulted into seeds germination increase on 2,77,3%. Na2MoO4 more effective than another microelements.

Keywords: Aster alpinus L., Red Book, rare species, seeds, microelements, germination

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