The activity and content of SOD isoforms in mail ejaculates and survival of spermatozoa

N. Kuzmina1, D. Ostapiv1, N. Guleuk2, I. Gumeneckiy2

1Institute of Animal Biology NAAS of Ukraine
38, Stus St., Lviv 79034, Ukraine
2Institute of Hereditary Pathology Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine
31a, Lysenko St., Lviv 79000, Ukraine

The activity and content of isoforms of superoxidedismutase (SOD) in mail ejaculates and their connection with survival of spermatozoa were studied. The connection between the activity and content of isoforms of SOD in ejaculates, with species belongings. Spesies differenses of spectr of SOD isoferment are shown in various speed migration in electric field and dyeing intensity in PAAG. Activity of SOD show direct correlation with spermatozoa survival, the strength of index depends of mail species. Correlation between activity of SOD and survival of spermatozoa in freshly obtained sperm in man is strong (η=0,765), in boar and bull medium strength (respectively, η=0,597 0,432). The content of SOD isoforms has an ambiguous effect on spermatozoa survival, witch is due to physiological and biochemical characteristics of ejaculates, oxidative features in semen.

Keywords: superoxidedismutase, activity, isoforms, spermatozoa survival, spermatozoa, electrophoresis

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