Види роду Crataegus L. природного заповідника «Медобори» та його охоронної зони (Поділля, Західна Україна)

A. Sołtys-Lelek

Ojców National Park
32-047 Ojców 9, Poland

The paper presents the list of the hawthorns of the Medobory Nature Reserve and its protection zone (Podolian Hills, Western Ukraine). The study was carried out in the years 2008–2009. The purpose of the work was to compile a full, up-to-date list of the Crataegus taxa occurring in the Medobory Nature Reserve. Eight taxa, five native species and three nothospecies (hybrid species) were found, some of them were illustrated. Four taxa, Crataegus laevigata, C. × macrocarpa, C. × media and C. × subsphaericea were recorded for the first time from this area. Moreover C. × media is not reported in “Vascular Plants of Ukraine. A Nomenclatural Checklist” and two other C. laevigata and C. × macrocarpa are not reported in “Revision of Crataegus Sect. Crataegusandnothosect.Crataeguineae (Rosaceae-Maloideae) in the Old World” from western part of Ukraine.

Keywords: Crataegus, Rosaceae, flora, distribution, Medobory Nature Reserve, Ukraine

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