The dimensional characteristics of species and strains from genus Lobochlamys (Chlorophyceae) on agar culture condition

M. Pavlovska, M. Molchanova, A. Tarieiev, I. Kostikov

Taras Schevchenko National University of Kyiv
ESC “Institute of Biology”
2, Acad. Glushkov Ave., Kyiv 03022, Ukraine

The nine strains of green phytomonade using dimensional characteristics under agar culture conditions were established. These strains represented epitypes of both species from genus Lobochlamys (L.segnis and L.culleus) and authentic cultures of the species of genus Chlamydomonas which were transferred into synonymous of Lobochlamys. The species of Lobochlamys have different size in high limit of the cell length under agar culture conditions in contrast to liquid medium. The analysis of heterogenic strains in logarithmic and stationary phases showed the next results: a) The one L. segnis strain (ACKU 721-06 «Chlamydomonas fimbriata») significantly differs by size from epitype strain, the another two strains differ by type of aging; b) All the strains of L. culleus have different type of aging. The correspondence of results of morphological and molecular-phylogenetic explorations of Lobochlamys heterogeny have been discussed.

Keywords: algae, Chlorophyta, Lobochlamys, Chlamydomonas, taxonomy, morphology, dimensions

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