Role of bryophyte cover in renaturalization of technogenic substrate on the territory of sulfur extraction

N. Kyyak, O. Baik

Institute of Ecology of the Carpathians of NAS of Ukraine
11, Stefanyk St., Lviv 79000, Ukraine

Role of bryophyte cover in renewal of technogenic substrate on territory of the dump ¹1 of Novojavorivsk mining and chemistry enterprise „Sirka“ was investigated. It was shown that bryophytes play an important role in accumulating organic carbon and biogenic elements in the upper layer of substrate. It was established that life-form of bryophytes substantially influences this process, as the greatest content of organic carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus was determined in substrate under the dense-turfy moss species B. Caespiticium in comparison with B. Àrgenteum and B. Unguiculata, which formed friable turfs.

Keywords: bryophytes, technogenic substrate, organic carbon, biogenic elements

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