Population structure of herpetobiotic spiders (Arachnida, Aranei) of the Holosiivsky National Park

E. Singaevsky

Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
64, Volodymyrska St., Kyiv 01601, Ukraine

Species composition and population structure of herpetobiotic spiders of the Holosiivsky national park are investigated. 33 species which belongs to 9 spider families were revealed. There are 2 superdominant species of the herpetibiotic spiders assembly were found (Macrargus rufus 27,68% and Microneta viaria 26,64%), dominant species have been not found. Dynamic density of spiders in the litter of the Holosiivsky national park was noticeably lower comparatively with hornbeam forest of Kaniv nature reserve: 99 ind. and 569 ind. per 100 trap-day respectively. The distinctions in the measuring structure of spiders is consist in the enhancement of part of the species with body size 1,54,5 mm to 82% contrary to 14,9% in hornbeam forest. Species diversity registered in may is lower 20 species compared to 37 in the hornbeam forest.

Keywords: herpetobiotic spiders, urban ecosystem, dynamic density, measuring structure, species diversity

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