Seasonal peculiarities of ovogenesis lymnaea stagnalis (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Pulmonata) in conditions of Ukrainian Polissia

T. Skok

Ivan Franko Zhytomyr State University
40, V. Berdychivska St., Zhytomyr 10008, Ukraine

By this there was characterized ovogenesis cycle of (Lymnaea stagnalis (Linné, 1758)) out of flowing water of Ukrainian Polissia (Teteriv river, Radomyshl Zhytomyr region). There is established monthly the proportion of oocytes at different maturity stages with the help of histological preparations gonads of matured animals. There is researched the dynamics of their cytometric characteristics during the reproductive season and the possible relationship of these cells size change with the terms of habitat.

Keywords: Lymnaea stagnalis, previtelogenesis, vitelogenesis, oocytes

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