Біоценози кровосисних комарів у житлових будинках міста Одеси та їхня роль у циркуляції арбовірусів

I. Rusev, V. Zacusilo, V. Vynnyk

Ukrainian Mechnikov Reaserch Antiplague Institute
2/4, Tserkovna St., 2/4, Odessa 65003, Ukraine

During monitoring underground and free rooms on the steps place of the building 3 species of mosquitoes was found – Culex pipiens L., Culiseta annulata Schrk. and Uranotaenia unguiculata Edw. Buildings with antisanitary conditions and wet undergrounds there are suitable biotops for mosquitoes and they breading round all year. Firstly in Odessa was found ecological forms of Culex pipiensC.p. pipiens f. molestus. Firstly in Ukraine in parasitizing cenosus of urban area was discovered that Culex pipiens pipiens f. molestus play role as vector of West Nile fever virus, that may increase a epidemiological potential of that endangered virus due to round year biting of human.

Keywords: C. pipiens pipiens f.molestus, mosquitoes, West Nile fever, ecosystems of parasites, urban areas

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