The hipoxic gas mixture of level sanogene effects on lungs reactivity the rats of different age

V. Berezovskiy, R. Yanko*, O. Chaka, . Ltvk, T. Zamorska

Bogomolets Institute of Physiology of NAS of Ukraine
4, Bogomolets St., Kiev 01024, Ukraine

We have investigated the influence of hipoxic gas mixture (HGM) (10% oxygen) on the morphometric indexes of respiratory section and on the state of connecting tissue of the lungs among the rats of different age. Morphometric and biochemical data that were recieved from 3-ounts animals, which breathed HGM, can indicate the increase of general volume alveolar surfac`s area and intensification of fermentative destruction of new synthesized collogen, possible increase of the lungs blood filling, which facilitate the efficiency of gases interchange. Among 12-mounts rats was observed decrease in the thickness of interalveolar partitions and concentration of general oxyproline, that can point to the decline of relative collogen fibres content.

Keywords: hipoxic gas mixture, lungs, connecting tissue

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