Changes in internal organs of rats in the condition of the noni juice treatment

V. Pasiuga, V. Gusakova, E. Mamotuk

Grigoriev Institute for Medical Radiology National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine
82, Pushkinska St., Kharkiv 61024, Ukraine

The effect of Hawaiian and Tabari Noni juice on the thymus, spleen and liver was discovered. It was shown, that the Hawaiian and Tabari Noni juice long-term (1015 days) treatment in a dose of 2.5 mL/kg does not negatively affect on the tested organs and can lead to activation of organism protective system. Rising dose of Tabari Noni juice to 5 mL/kg causes of the elements of toxicosis in the tissues.

Keywords: Noni juice, thymus, spleen, liver

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