Morphometric characteristic of the duodenum in experimental animals

M. Hnatuk, T. Gargula*, O. Slabyy, L. Tatarchuk

State University “I.Ya. Horbachevsky Ternopil State Medical University”
Voli sq., 1, Ternopil 46001, Ukraine

Using morphometric methods we studied the structural organization of intact duodenum in dogs, pigs Vietnam breed, white rats, which are widely used for modeling of pathological processes. We established that morphometric parameters of studied organ of these animals are different. In dogs the largest were height, width of villi, the height of epithelial cells, diameter of their nuclei, depth and width of crypts of mucous membrane and thickness of muscular membrane which are statistically significantly different from that seen in pigs and white rats. Nuclear-cytoplasmatic ratio in epithelial cells and villus index were lowest in pig. Diversity of structural organization of the duodenum in different series of mammals due to the peculiarities of the functions of the organs and conditions of existence, the life of the investigated animals. Detected differences of structural organization of the duodenum in dogs, pigs, white rats should be considered in the study of experimental lesions of the organ.

Keywords: duodenum, morphometry, different series of mammals

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