Structure and genesis of the partial inflorescences of subsection Isandra Franch. ex Murb. section Fasciculata Murb. genus Verbascum L.

M. Hrytsyna

Lviv Stepan Hzhytskiy National Academy of Veterinary Medicine
50, Pekarska St., Lviv 79010, Ukraine

The partial inflorescence types subsection Isandra Franch. ex Murb. genus Verbascum L. fccording to the structure, way of growth and branching of the flowering axes an be divided into three groups: multiple complex dichasium, multiple dichasium with monohasium and complex monohasium. They are formed from different combinations of two nodes and one node axes (inflorescence modules). The evolution of inflorescence proceeds by simplifying their structure, due to the reduction pedicels of the second node of the flowering axes.

Keywords: Verbascum, Isandra, partial inflorescences, dichasium, monochasium, modules inflorescence, two nodes pedicel and one node pedicel floriferous axes

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