Effects of hyperthermia on gene expression in mice tissues

O. Shtapenko

Institute of Animal Biology NAAS
38, V. Stus St., Lviv 79034, Ukraine

The effect of heat shock on gene expression in mice testes and livers was studied. PCR methods were used to characterize effects of testicular and liver heat shock (43 C for 20 min) at different times posttreatment. Comparing of gene expression in mouse liver and testis was identified genes with different effects of expression depending of hyperthermia. It was shown, that hyperthermia was induced the Suv39h2, mDazl, Mdm1, Hdac4 genes expression only in testes, but not in liver. The high expression levels of genes Cideb та Dnaja was seen in liver after heat shock. Our studies have shown, that gene expression in mouse liver and testis are associated with heat shock-induced effects was correlated with the expression of stress-inducible Hsp genes.

Keywords: gene regulation, testis, heat shock, spermatogenesis, expression

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