Photosynthetic activity of the mosses on the devastated territories of sulphur extraction

N. Kyyak

Institute of Ecology of the Carpathians, NAS of Ukraine
11, Stefanyk St., Lviv 79000, Ukraine

Changes of quantitative composition of the pigments and photosynthesis intensity of the mosses Barbula unguiculata Hedw. and Bryum argenteum L. during vegetative season on the territory of the dump of sulphur deposits has been investigated. The correlation between photosynthesis intensity and chlorophyll content in mosses shoots has been established. It has been shown, that photosynthesis activity depends on locality conditions. Seasonal changes of the pigments content and peculiarities of moss photosynthesis on the territory of the dump have demonstrated the plasticity and acclimatization of moss photosynthetic apparatus to variables conditions of the environment. It has been shown, that high chlorophyll indexes of moss cover on the dump territory caused by essential mass of assimilating moss organs and high content of chlorophylls in them.

Keywords: bryophytes, photosynthesis pigments, intensity of photosynthesis, seasonal changes, chlorophyll indexes

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