Terpene compounds of higher aquatic plants and their effect on the functional activity of aquatic substances

O. Usenko1, O. Balanda2

1Institute of Hydrobiology of NAS of Ukraine
12, Heroes of Stalingrad Ave., Kyiv UA- 04210, Ukraine
2National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine
15, Heroyiv Oborony St., Kyiv 03041, Ukraine

The content of terpenic compounds at the studied highest water plants was small, only at Acorus calamus it contened 4,5% of dry weight of a plant. It accumulation depends on a species of a plant and features of transformation of these substances in an water invirement. The complex biologically active compounds of Acorus calamus contains more active terpenic substensis than in Oenanthe aquatica and by that oppresses of culture grow of green and blue-green algas more intensively, and also influences on the structure of a phytoplankton and Cyprinus carpio caviar.

Keywords: terpenic compounds, highest water plants, algalogically pure culture, phytoplankton, Cyprinus carpio caviar, essential oils

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