Seed cryopreservatin of sporadically distributed herbacial plants flora of Ukraine

E. Arapetyan, Yu. Usatenko

Ivan Franko National University of Lviv
44, Tscheremshyna St., Lviv 79014, Ukraine

This study presents the results of seed conservation of wild herb species under liquid nitrogen condition during 6 months. The seed survival was observed for all species Agrostemma githago, Berteroa ³ncana, Doronicum carpaticum, Heliosperma ñarpaticum, Melandrium album, Silene dubia. It has been conclused that laboratory germinating ability of treatment by temperature -196°C seeds was identical or increase in compare with conrol variant. There is no difference in growth and development of seedlings from uncryopreserved and cryopreserved seeds.

Keywords: seeds, liquid nitrogen, cryoconservation, germination, phytopreservation

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