Development of Clematis (Clematis L.) explants during the stage of introduction in conditions in vitro

N. Ęorzina, I. Ěitrofanova

Nikitsky Botanical Gardens
National Scientific Centre, NAAS of Ukraine
98648, Ukraine, Crimea, Yalta, Nikita

In Nikitsky Botanical Gardens – National Scientific Centre the investigation with aseptic culture obtaining of primary explants in 13 cultivars of different clematis (Clematis L.) garden groups have been continued. The sterilization conditions by 70% solution alcohol (1 min), 0,3% Dez Tab (7–9 min) and 1% Thimerosal (10 min) have been found, which decrease the contamination level of explants till 10 to 20%. The peculiarities of shoot development, depending on the time of selection, the type and concentration of the sterilizing agents have been shown. It was established, that clematis explants have active growth in vitro during their introduction on the stage of plant vegetation (March-April).

Keywords: clematis, microshoot, sterilization, explant, in vitro

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