Separate indexes lipid`s metabolism in serum blood goose dipend of complete introduction different doses vitamin E in ration in reproductive period

O. Moravska

At Carpathian`s Institute Grushevsky’s IAMP
30, Vynnychenko St., Lv³v 79008, Ukraine

In article results of researches concerning changes of the contents of total general lipids and their separate classes, changes of fat – acid structure, and also the contents of products peroxidations lipids in whey of blood of adult geese are stated depending on additional introduction of various dozes of vitamin Å in a diet during the reproductive period. It is shown of dozes dependent influence of tocopherol. It is established, that at additional introduction of vitamin Å in optimum quantities (in our research – 35 UI\kg – 2-nd group) are effectively adjusted separate processes lipids an exchange. On a background of reduction of the contents total lipids in whey of blood of geese the contents phospholipids with decrease in a level of free cholesterol raises. In parallel, it is adjusted fatty acid structure with increase in an index not saturations of fat acids and reduction of the contents of products peroxidations lipids.

Keywords: geese, whey of blood, total lipids, separate classes of lipids, fat acids, products of peroxidations lipids

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