Species composition of the plant communities at the early stage of abandoned field succession in the north-east of Lugansk region

L. Borovik

Lugansk Nature Reserve, NAS of Ukraine
95 Rubizhna St., Stanitsa Luganska, Lugansk Region 93602, Ukraine

Species composition of abandoned fields at the ruderal stage of steppe regeneration was investigated. A taxonomic, ecobiomorphic structure and synanthropic faction of the coenoflora, as well as species richness of the plant communities were analyzed. In total, 184 species from 32 families were registered for the coenoflora of early abandoned fields in the study site. Of them, perennial (50,6%), ruderal (54,4%) and ecological generalist (70,6%) species were the most numerous. The dominance of annual and biannual (64%), as well as ruderal species (73%) is characteristic for the flora of 13 year abandoned fields. In the 57 year abandoned fields, a process of flora enrichment with steppe species is going on. Depending on climate conditions, different ecological types of species (ruderal, steppe, meadow, forest, paludal and cultural) are registered at the early stage of succession.

Keywords: abandoned fields, steppe regeneration, coenoflora, taxonomic and ecobiomorphic spectrum, species richness

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